Monday, December 26, 2011

Mysterious Beauty

A vast woodland of giant greens
slowly sweetly pitter patter
drip, drip,
their wet soft markings tumble
towards a gentle terrains embrace
here they fall asleep for eternity
embracing their surroundings
with an echoing symphony


A grand explosion
of colorful delight explodes
boom, boom
goes blue orange yellow
celebrating an unorganized joy
colliding caressing and complete
they throw a mysterious sparkle
across an untamed wilderness


A glowing circular light
emits shadows into the darkness
swish, swish,
it glistens across golden strands
creating a beauty unseen and
untouched by nature
then finally the radiance crashes
changing its light to collide
softly with the land below


A golden sliver
emits a faint glow
splash, splash
the glass land reflects the sliver
into the sky and the ensuing
darkened forever
the only one knowing is the man
sitting quietly on his wooden perch
forever hoping that the world will stay

You are,

All those beautiful things to me like
the vast woodland of giant greens,
a grand explosion of delight,
the glowing circular beam,
and a golden sliver shining faint
you’re an unseen rare beauty
that masterpiece of amazement
that I can’t help but see
in the sun, the moon and the rain

R.J. Ropsen

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