Saturday, December 10, 2011

EBook Formatting

   I recently was helping a friend format an ebook. I have never done
this before, and used the internet as a major resource.While searching
the web I came across an amazing website! Step by step, the website
went through how to format an eBook for the kindle and nook. For
people who are visual learners like me, there were three videos that
showed the process. Better yet, all of the tools they suggested for
formatting the eBook were free!

   Using the website I was able to format the ebook in a little under
eight hours which I didn't think was that bad since I was learning how
to do it; I even added pictures and links to the book. Now with the help
of the website I am confident I could format an eBook in a couple of

   A few days ago, I put the eBook I formatted up on the kindle. Once
I put it on amazon, it published the eBook within 10 hours without any
 publishing issues.  Here is the book I formatted, Walk On. Check out
the formatting by "looking inside" to see if you like that type of formatting.
(Page breaks aren't shown in the preview)

   Why pay someone to format your eBook, or submit it to a site that
takes some of the profit when you can do it yourself! Look at this
website, and try formatting your eBook today!

 R.J. Ropsen

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  1. If anyone needs any help I would be happy to answer any questions here or by email.