Sunday, September 16, 2012

Word War III

   Word War is a new writing exercise I created and developed recently.
A new Word War will begin every Sunday and last until the following
Saturday at midnight. This week will be the very first Word War!
   I was inspired by Lillie Mcferrin's amazing Five Sentence Fiction blog.
wanted to create a writing exercise of my own because I enjoy hers so
much. If you haven't you should checkout her site and participate in Five 
Sentence Fiction. Here is how a Word War works. 

Objective: Add a new sentence to the story until the end of the week.

1) You can only add one sentence at a time to the story.
2) You have to wait for someone to add a sentence before you can
add another one. You can't have two sentences in a row.
3) You can add as many sentences as you want as long as you follow
the rules above.
4) Maximum characters for the sentence is 100.

How to post:
1) Click add a link at bottom of post.
2) URL: type in your blog link. Only add link for first sentence.
3) Name: type in the sentence you wrote to add to the story.
4) Email: add your email.

Here is the starting sentence:
A terrible cold came over me, I pulled my jacket tightly around my body 
and continued walking.

Let this weeks Word War begin!

R.J. Ropsen

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Update on Novel (6)

  It has been awhile since I have blogged. I apologize to everyone! The last
couple of months have been crazy. Everything happened so quickly. A few
months ago, within a matter of days, I found out I was moving because of a
new job. In a week I had to have everything packed and ready to go. My life
has been crazy ever since. Now a few months later, I have adjusted to the
move. Everything is in order. I finally have internet and can start blogging
again! Here is my long awaited list of things to do:

1) Start back up with Word War's. They will start again next Sunday,
September 16th, so be sure to come back to participate.

2) Edit my first book with my editor. My goal is to have the first six
chapters completely revised in about a month. I really want to get my first
book completely finished by Christmas!

3) Continue to write my second book, The Privileged. I am about halfway
done with 141 pages.

4) Blog more! I really do love blogging. I need to schedule some time to
start up again. I hope to start posting weekly.

Where are you at with your writing?

R.J. Ropsen