The Silenced

Title: The Silenced
Author: R.J. Ropsen
Genre: YA Dystopian

   In the City of Egret looms a deep dark prison. The Visionaries
created it as a constant reminder of what happens when citizens
disobey. Criminals are murdered there, while young children are
turned into killers. Storm, empty of memories, was only nine years
old when he entered the prison.  His life has drastically changed
ever since.
   Within the prison, Officers and Lieutenants, order Storm to do
cruel things; after all, it is the Visionaries wishes. If he does not
listen he is brutally beaten. Violent fits rack Storms body as he tries
to obey. If he can learn to live a life that the Visionaries are proud
of, only then will he get to leave.  Can he make it out alive? Or will
he forever be entangled within the prisons grasp?