Sunday, September 16, 2012

Word War III

   Word War is a new writing exercise I created and developed recently.
A new Word War will begin every Sunday and last until the following
Saturday at midnight. This week will be the very first Word War!
   I was inspired by Lillie Mcferrin's amazing Five Sentence Fiction blog.
wanted to create a writing exercise of my own because I enjoy hers so
much. If you haven't you should checkout her site and participate in Five 
Sentence Fiction. Here is how a Word War works. 

Objective: Add a new sentence to the story until the end of the week.

1) You can only add one sentence at a time to the story.
2) You have to wait for someone to add a sentence before you can
add another one. You can't have two sentences in a row.
3) You can add as many sentences as you want as long as you follow
the rules above.
4) Maximum characters for the sentence is 100.

How to post:
1) Click add a link at bottom of post.
2) URL: type in your blog link. Only add link for first sentence.
3) Name: type in the sentence you wrote to add to the story.
4) Email: add your email.

Here is the starting sentence:
A terrible cold came over me, I pulled my jacket tightly around my body 
and continued walking.

Let this weeks Word War begin!

R.J. Ropsen


  1. This sounds really interesting!

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