Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Adventures of TinTin


   When I was younger I loved the cartoon, Les Aventures De 
TinTin. In French class we would always watch the show. It 
was hard to comprehend the language,  and I didn't understand 
anything they said. Instead I connected with the show through 
the wonderful comic animation. I quickly fell in love with TinTin, 
Thompson and Thompson, Captain Haddock, and of course 
   Recently, the show The Adventures of TinTin was made into
an English movie. Of course I had to see this movie. Yesterday
I went to the movie theater, ordered my tickets, put my 3D
glasses on, sat back and enjoyed the movie. I was not
   The producers took all the good parts from the comic and put
them into the film. All the characters were very similar to the
ones in the story. The characters were well developed and just
as enjoyable. The animation was also awesome. Steven
Spielberg used motion-capture animation to tell the story of
TinTin. This animation made the characters and scenes look life
like.  There was non-stop action that drove the story along, and
humor added to the story as well. I am glad I decided to see this
movie. This is definitely a must see. I give The Adventures of 
TinTin 5/5 stars!

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R.J. Ropsen


  1. Thanks for posting this review! I have wanted to see this movie, but wasn't sure. Now, I know I must :)

  2. I've seen it twice already, once in 2D, once in 3D. The story's is great and the animation is incredible. I really enjoyed it.

    Thanks for checking out my blog :)

  3. I agree! I took the kids to see this as well and we all loved it. I am a Tin Tin fan from way back and it was great to have Tin Tin on the big screen. Absolutely no disappointment from any of us. Thanks for popping by my blog too

  4. It sounds like a lot of people enjoyed this movie. If there is a sequel I will definitely watch it. I think I will buy TinTin when it is released; can't wait. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments!

  5. I never read the comics, but this movie looks very good and I've only read good reviews so far! Now, to find time to see it...

  6. @ laura There is much to love about the comics and the movie. I think you will really enjoy TinTin.

  7. I also grew up with Tintin. My wife and I took our two boys to see it in 3D on opening night. That was their first exposure to Tintin. We all came out excited and pumped. That same evening, I took out the comic books and read two of them to my boys. I love it when producers like Spielberg and Jackson take a phenomenal story. I knew Spielberg who had called this a labor of love would make us Tintin fans proud :)

  8. @ Ara I am glad your children loved it too. It is definitely a film for the whole family. The movie was a great way to expose your boys to the comics. Maybe they will be as fond of Tintin as you were. :)

  9. Brilliant - thanks for that. I grew up with Tintin too (and Asterix) I'll def. go and see this now! :)