Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Indie Authors Rock

   Self publishing is the new move in the publishing world. Nowadays it is
getting easier and easier to publish your work by yourself. The sale of eBooks
has allowed authors to get there work out to a wide audience. Here are a few
reasons why indie authors' rock:

1) Have all the control over your work.
You control what makes the final copy of your work or what gets edited out.
It is truly your work.

2) Don't have to wait for anyone.
You don't have to worry about someone agreeing that your work is good
enough or marketable enough to be accepted by a publishing company. You
can publish your work whenever you feel it is ready.

3) Costs almost nothing to publish a novel.
There are a lot of resources on the internet to help you with eBook formatting,
cover design, marketing, etc.  Many of these resources can be found free on
the internet!

4) Do it on your time.
You don't have to worry about stressful deadlines. You can set up a writing
schedule that fits you perfectly. If it takes you a little longer then expected
don't worry.

5) Aren't confined to one genre.
You can write whatever you want in whatever genre. If you feel like writing a
young adult novel go ahead. Next, if you want to write a nonfiction novel you
can do that too.

6) Lots of helpful resources.
Again the internet can be the greatest tool for indie authors. Due to the rise in
popularity there are helpful websites and great downloadable tools. From print
on demand publishers like lightning source or createspace, eBook converting
software like Calibre, and awesome websites like

7) Don't have to stress over proposals.
It takes a long time for writers to write their novels let alone send in the perfect
proposal. Proposals can be the most stress part of getting your book published
traditionally. If you are an indie author you don't have to worry about it.

Thanks for being an awesome indie author!

R.J. Ropsen


  1. I dare to argue with 3. If I want my novel to be as perfect as it can get, I get a good cover designer AND a great editor. Neither are cheap. But usually, it's not too hard to find the money. It's only when the novels come in bulks (I'll be publishing 6! novels from my backlist this year) when it can get tight.

  2. Hey! There's a game of tag I tagged you in, check it out on my blog =)