Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Truly Inspirational Story

  Walk On By Julie Rydlund

   This book is truly an inspirational story. It was a 
true account of the author's battle with diabetes and 
the transplant that was necessary to combat the 
disease. Julie explains her medical situation really well 
that it was easy to understand. There are many terms 
she uses that I was not familiar with but she explained 
them well.

   The story also discusses her life after death 
experience, her life without scripture, her prayers to St. 
Therese, adopting a child, conceiving a child, and looking 
for a kidney transplant. There are so many topics that it 
can relate to a wide variety of people.

  The book was a very emotional story from her 
pancreas transplant to her battle to save her life, and
a struggle to have a child. One moment I particular
remember from, Walk On, is her account of spending time with her children before a very risky
pancreas transplant. The way her children responded to the situation was very emotionally for
me. I can't imagine how scary it would be for young children to see their mother go in for a very
risky operation.

   It inspired me that even though she had almost lost her life and had to have both legs 
amputated she continues to not give up. Through God she has found strength to live and
understands His plan for her. She states after her life after death experience “It was through
me that God wanted to reach the broken-hearted, those who were frustrated and wanting to
give up.” God continues to be in her life and through the story she refers to Him and how he
has positively influenced her.

  But the story doesn't stop there. In the About the Author's section at the back of the book
there was a link to her blog. Her blog continues her story to the present day and gives an
update on her life since the end of Walk On.

I would highly recommend reading this story and it is only $2.99 for the Kindle! I give it
5/5 stars.


  1. I will have to have a read of this.. A few of my family members have diabetes and I figure ill have it one of these days to.. genetics...

  2. @BragonDorn You may really enjoy this book then.