Friday, January 13, 2012

In My Diary (3)

Weird Writing Spots
   I grew up in a large family. I had two brothers, and two sisters. Having that many 
siblings does have its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. One of the biggest 
disadvantages for me was I had less privacy. Growing up I shared a room with my 
sister. I didn't have any place to myself. The rest of the house could get pretty noisy 
too. Sometimes I just wanted some piece and quiet. Over the years I discovered great 
spots to find this peace and quiet. 
   One of my favorite things to do was  read. I would go to the library every week or 
sometimes every two days and get a bag full of books. With such a loud house it was 
hard to find anywhere quiet to read. I soon found an excellent, but weird reading spot 
that I would visit time and time again. 
   This reading spot was the attic in my garage. The attic was a very quiet spot to read, 
the only problem was that in the summer it got very hot. I would sit in the attic for an 
hour at a time. Sometimes, drops of sweat would roll off my face falling onto the pages 
as I read. 
   It was one of the weirdest places I had found to read, because it was also one of the 
least comfortable places. Who wants to read when it is burning hot in an attic, but the 
noise must have bothered me more then the heat.  When I would decide to come down 
and go back into the house, my mother would always wonder where I had gone, but I 
would never tell. The sauna like attic was my secret and I wasn't going to tell anyone.
Somethings are better kept to ourselves.

Where are some weird places you have read before? Or your favorite reading spot?

R.J. Ropsen


  1. Alone in a cabin in Maine (US) for the night. That was the weirdest place I think I ever read - out in the middle of the woods where there was nobody for miles and miles.

  2. Even though it was uncomfortable at times, I can understand needing your own special place! I like to read outside whenever I can. Just take my cozy beach chair and read by the ocean. It's my bliss :)

  3. @ Rod Tyson A cabin sounds like a very enjoyable place to read. Depending on the story it might get a little spooky too. I would have to stay away from horror novels.

  4. @ Lillie Reading by the ocean sounds calming. I love reading outside too. The birds and fresh air are so relaxing.