Wednesday, November 16, 2011

YouTube YA Book Reviewers

    YouTube book reviewers share their reviews of YA literature through
uploaded videos. Watching their channel is a great way to expose yourself
to different books in the YA world. Here are a few good ones I found when
searching YouTube. I hope this helps you find other great books to read.

1) Chapter Chicks, are two chicks who review YA books.  Each review
shows book title, authors name, publisher, and page count. You will easily
be able to find their reviewed books.

2) The Story Siren, talks about YA books that she has bought or received
to review. She features many great books each week and the channel
directly links to her blog. There she reviews the books she received.

3) Ivng Books, reviews books and does in my mailbox on her channel.
This is a great way to see a lot of YA fiction! She lists all the books she
mentioned in the details of her videos. It makes it easy to find them too.

4) Ya Fiction Freaks, does library hauls and bookshelf tours which
provides great exposure to YA literature. I also like her kid corner
where a kid reviews books!

5) Five Awesome YA Fans, is a great channel. It features five YA fans
who review books. Each reviewer has their own day of the week to
review. There are lots of videos on their channel.

6) i Eat Words Channel, has tons of reviews on her channel. My favorite
videos are her monthly favorites. In these video she talks about the books
she loved reading and tells why.

7) We Read Books, are 10 reviewers that happen to review YA books.
They have their own genres they like to read. This allows you to see
many different books written for YA's.

Check them out!

R.J. Ropsen

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