Friday, November 18, 2011

What Celebrities Would You Choose to Play Your
Favorite Book Characters?

   Movie directors are always trying to find the next great box
office hit. With Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter, and the Hunger
Games, as of late, lots of YA book based movies are hitting this
industry's market.
   But have you ever watched a movie and thought that the actor
or actress didn't fit the character from the book?
    Well, I wanted to try my hand at being a movie director and
decided on actors and actresses to play characters in some of
my favorite books. Here it goes.

Casting Call:
     Stargirl: AnnaSophia Robb

The Giver
      Jonas: Dylan Minnette
  Gathering Blue
      Kira: Ivana Baquero
      Matty: Sterling Beaumon

      Leader: Christian Bale

Ender's Game
Jaden Smith

Last Book in the Universe
       Spaz: Jake Cherry

House of the Scorpions
       Matteo:  Dev Patel

Artemis Fowl
       Artemis: William Moseley

Among the Hidden
       Luke: Max Records

       Claudia: Saoirse Ronan
       Finn: Chris Massoglia

The Warrior Heir
      Jack: Daren Kagasoff

Subtle Knife
      Lyra: Elle Fanning
      Will: Jonah Bobo

The Little Prince 
       The Narrator: Jude Law
       Little Prince: Charlie Tahan

A Wrinkle in Time
        Meg: Emma Roberts
        Calvin: Nathan Kress
        Charles Wallace: Max Page

        Palmer: Asa Butterfield

R.J. Ropsen

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