Monday, November 21, 2011

The Kindle for Your PC

   Have you always wanted to read e-books but do not have
an e-book reader? Well, you are in luck. Amazon has a
free Kindle app for your PC.
   I found two great free apps that Amazon has created for
use on the PC. It works best for Vista, XP, or Windows 7.
You also need to have an Amazon account to run the app
because is syncs with your account. But this is free and easy
to get. It also allows save all of your e-books on your account
so they can be viewed on different platforms.

Cloud Reader
   This app allows you to download e-books to view through
an internet browser. It works really well and gives you a
great reading experience. Similar to reading a PDF on your
computer but with better features. I would give this app a 5/5.

Find it here: Cloud Reader

Kindle for PC
   I download this app from Amazon right onto my computer.
It has a few more features then the above app like adding a
list of collections.
   However, I didn't like this app as much. There were problems
with it when I was using it. One big problem was that some
downloaded e-books couldn't be opened while others could. I
didn't have this problem when using the Cloud Reader. I would
give this app a 3/5.

Find it here: Kindle for PC
How to use it: User Manual

Give it a try.

Download the apps!
Then check out my list of free YA fantasy e-books.

R.J. Ropsen

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