Thursday, November 17, 2011

40 Things Readers Should Do Before They Die

A Bucket List For Readers:

1) Throw a book party with your favorite books.
2) Write your own book and publish it.
3) Participate in NanoWrimo during November.
4) Read a book in a foreign language.
5) Write a letter to your favorite author and send it.
6) Meet your favorite author in person more than once.
7) Become a book reviewer and start your own blog.
8) Read a book way outside your comfort zone.
9) Spend a whole day reading and finishing a novel.
10) Visit a real country/place from a story you love.
11) Pretend you are a character from a novel for a day.
12) Tell an author how much you love their work.
13) Leave a book in a public place for someone to read.
14) Write the name/author of a fav. book in a bathroom stall.
15) Have a movie marathon with book based movies.
16) Go to the premiere of your favorite book based movie.
17) Write a letter to your favorite character.
18) Do a reading marathon; read out loud  for 24 hours.
19) First do a reading 1/2 marathon; read out loud for 12 hours.
20) Listen to a book on cd. Why not? They are great.
21) Read a banned book from the banned book list.
22) Share your love for reading with anyone who will listen.
23) Join a reading club or book blog.
24) Create a list of best books you ever read.
25) Get a book related tattoo (for the brave ones).
26) Try to collect all the award winning books.
27) Read an indie novel. Tell the author how much you loved it!
28) Get signatures from your favorite authors.
29) Get a book before it has official been released.
30) Borrow a book from a fellow reader.
31) Collect all the books in your favorite series.
32) Read all the books from your favorite author.
33) Read at least one book from a new author each year.
34) Have a reading related New Years resolution.
35) Stand up to a book bully by defending a book you love.
36) Have more reading friends on tweeter then other friends.
37) Start a YA Book List.
38) Get on the news for a reading related event.
39) Start your own reading related event.
40) Do all the things on this list.

What are the things that made your bucket list?

R.J. Ropsen


  1. OMG! I love this list. I may actually try some of these out. I would love to have a book party.

  2. @FABR Steph. I have done a few things on this list. Haven't had a book party yet but I agree it would be lots of fun!