Saturday, July 7, 2012

Readers Make Better Writers (2)


Reader: The way Suzanne Collins describes Buttercup, mashed in nose, half of
an ear missing, made me laugh. Katniss has a love hate relationship with Buttercup 
which I really enjoy. It adds a comical twist to the story.
   When reading this I could also get a sense of how much Prim means to Katniss.
Even though Katniss despised Buttercup she let her stay because the cat meant 
so much to her sister. There is so much emotion in this short piece that I enjoyed 
reading Suzanne Collins writing.

Writer: Suzanne Collins gives us a great example of how to develop characters
within a story. Buttercup is a minor character in the Hunger Games but in this short 
paragraph we get to know a lot about Buttercup and Katniss's character. By using 
great descriptors we understand Buttercups physical attributes. Then by transitioning 
into a flashback by writing, even though it was years, we get a sense of who 
Buttercup is.
   Using flashbacks appropriately is a great way to add  depth to the characters, plot, 
and setting within your story. Flashbacks can help create a more meaningful story 
by adding details that the reader will not get in the present time of your story. Is there 
something that you  need to explain in more detail so the reader can better understand 
what is going on? Then use a flashback to show what is happening and bring more 
understanding to your story. That way your story will get away from the telling aspect 
which isn't as enjoyable to read.

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R.J. Ropsen

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