Sunday, June 24, 2012

Writers Tip (1)

Relate characters to people in your life.

  When I am writing a character for a story I like to relate the characters to
certain people in my life. This helps me when I am developing characters
for a story. It makes the character have stronger personalities and seem
more real.

   First, I decide on how my characters will act their traits, and personality.
Then I figure out who in my life is like that character. In the Privileged,
Matthew, is a lot like a good friend of mine. They are both very curious
and want to learn everything.When I write scenes where Matthew is
present I think of my friend and how he would react in that situation.
This makes it easier for me to create a strong character.

Try this writing tip if:
1) You are having a hard time creating a character.
2) Your character seems a little flat.

   This has helped me with my writing. I hope it helps you with yours.
Best of Luck!

P.S. Do you already use this tip in your writing? Then tell me a
character you have written and how they relate to that person in
your life!

R.J. Ropsen

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