Thursday, June 28, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction: Harvest

  A tear rolls down my face stopping at my cheek then slowly continues
downward to the bottom of my chin. I lean over kissing beautiful baby
Emily in the middle of the forehead. She was only born a few hours ago,
yet her body already rests limply against my arms and her lips hold a
bluish hue.

   "It is time," a nurse tells me; leaving the room quickly she shuts the
hospital door tightly behind her.

   Saying my last goodbyes I let them take my baby away, even when
they have to pry my fingers off of her. No matter how hard it is I let her
go because I know that another baby, close to death, is waiting to be saved.  

R.J. Ropsen


  1. Sad. On the same wave length as the previous baby story. Nice work,

  2. It is stories like this that make me grip my babies tightly, grateful for th gift that they are! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm visiting from FSF.
    Poignant... and bittersweet too... thanks for this lovely tale.

  4. Very sad, and sharply set against this week's prompt. The message of hope, however small, at the very end was a nice touch.

  5. Bittersweet...with a definite stinging aftertaste that won't go away...ever.

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments. I enjoy participating in five sentence fiction and always love to read everyone's wonderful stories!