Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update on Novel

After two weeks of writing:

[x] Finished my 1st draft last week; 80 pages & 18,000 words.
[x] Got all my ideas down for my novel in my 1st draft.
[x] Started my 2nd draft focusing on tone and word choice.
[x] Wrote 33 pages in 2nd draft, around 8,000 words.
[x] Fixed my prologue so it flows better and is more exciting.
[x] Finished writing 3 chapters working on 4th chapter.
[x] Read sections of my novel out loud making sure it flows well.
[x] Finally picked title for my novel.
[x] Realized this book will be the 2nd in a series.

To do list tonight:

[ ] Try to complete the next chapter of my novel!

Wish me luck!


  1. Wow you are cranking that stuff out. Great job. Here's to completing the next chapter of your ms.

  2. Thanks! Every bit of encouragement helps.