Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Beginning

  Over the years I have read countless stories and have developed a passion for reading. I have enjoyed books by Lois Lowry, Orson Scott Card, Jonathan Stroud, J.K. Rowling and many other  authors. These books have brought joy to my life, submersing me in worlds I could hardly even imagine.

 One day I decided that I wanted to create a book that allowed others to enjoy themselves as much as I had. This idea started at a young age. When I was a child and the teachers asked us what you wanted to be when you grew up; I wanted to be a writer. Now I am taking a chance and am starting my very first novel.

  I hope that you will join me as I begin my journey. I will continue to post along the way, as I will surely continue to write.

R.J. Ropsen

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